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New Patients

If you’re visiting Becoming Balanced LLC for the first time, we’d like you to know exactly what to expect. Becoming Balanced LLC is often described as having a casual vibe with an emphasis on cutting-edge technology. We hope you think so, too.


Your Initial Visit for Chiropractic Care

Your first visit will take about 45 minutes. When you first enter the clinic, you’ll be greeted warmly by one of our staff members. You’ll be invited to sit down to finish any incomplete paperwork while we gather your insurance information.

Next, you’ll be escorted to an exam room, where you’ll meet Dr. Jordanne Murphy. She will then conduct an in-depth assessment, including

  • A consultation
  • A physical examination, including range of motion, posture, orthopedic, and spinal analysis
  • X-rays, if necessary (we provide on-site X-rays)

Dr. Jordanne will then evaluate your examination and X-ray findings to help you understand the source of your problem. She’ll also suggest a course of care if she’s confident that she can help you.

You’ll then receive your first gentle chiropractic adjustment, as well as any other recommendations.

Regular Visits

Regular visits will usually take between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on whether additional therapies are used. Additional therapies can include cold laser therapy, spinal decompression, electric stimulation or various forms of massage therapy.

We don’t use a “cookie-cutter” approach in our practice. All recommendations are designed to help you start feeling your best as quickly as possible.

Wellness Care

Once you’re free of pain and feeling great, we’ll suggest that you come in for periodic checkups to keep your spine and nervous system in great shape. The frequency of this care is always dependent on your lifestyle, age, history of injury and occupation.

Your Initial Visit for Functional Medicine

Your 1st visit will take about 60 minutes. Functional Medicine appointments are scheduled outside of chiropractic hours to ensure you have Dr. Jordanne’s full attention. You will first have a consultation and then Dr. Jordanne will determine her best recommendation for your care. That may be lifestyle coaching, take home lab kits, and/or supplementation. Most functional medicine patients are under care for 3 months to 1 year. Periodic follow-up appointments are typically 30 minutes. She can also do e-mail or phone check-ins. Questions are always welcome.

Let’s Get Started

We respect the decisions that you make regarding your care. Some patients prefer to just come in “as needed” and some practice members we’ve seen many times a year. The choice is always yours. Our doors are always wide open! Contact us today; we’re looking forward to working with you.

New Patients | (978) 692-5006