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Dr. Jordanne Murphy

All Roads Led To This

Dr. Jordanne Murphy

Dr. Jordanne Murphy has had a passion for health and vitality for most of her life. She received her first chiropractic check-up when she was 3 months old for an ear infection and continued regular chiropractic care throughout her lifetime to maintain wellness. As a teenager, she was very active, taking dance lessons 4 days per week and performing competitively on weekends. Having regular chiropractic adjustments not only helped her recover, but also prevented injury, increased her performance quality, and managed her exercise induced asthma without the use of any prescription or over-the-counter medications.

During college, she majored in both Biology and Dance Performance and received her Bachelor’s degree in 2008. Her passion for chiropractic, natural healthcare, nutrition and fitness grew after college when she worked as a chiropractic assistant in a family wellness office. From that experience, she decided that all roads were leading her to become a wellness physician. In 2013, Dr. Jordanne received her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life University in Marietta, GA. Today, she utilizes several chiropractic techniques, including Diversified/Full Spine, Thompson, Activator and Chiropractic Biophysics, to adjust her patients. Dr. Jordanne caters to a variety of different age groups including babies, children, teenagers, adults, and elderly. She also sees pregnant women during all three trimesters.

Specialization in Functional Medicine

After graduating from chiropractic school, Dr. Jordanne continued her education at the Kalish Institute where she became certified in Functional Medicine in 2016. Functional Medicine, rather than targeting individual symptoms, focuses on the optimal functioning of the entire body and its organs by addressing the underlying causes of disease. Dr. Jordanne focuses on conditions such as chronic fatigue, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, hormone imbalances, chronic pain, etc. without the use of pharmaceuticals, as well as educating patients on how to live to their fullest health potential and improve their quality of life.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Dr. Jordanne has a thirst for knowledge and continues to research nutrition, fitness, supplementation, and mindfulness on a daily basis. She lives a wellness lifestyle by applying a growth mindset, eating a nutritions diet, taking vitamins and minerals, weight training 4x per week, going for daily walks, getting plenty of sleep, meditating, and enjoying nature. Dr. Jordanne also still enjoys her other passion – dance! She is a company member of Contemporarily Out of Order in Boston, MA and performs with them throughout New England.

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